Special Assessment for the tennis court revitalization passed at the Special Owners Meeting on April 11, 2024 with 26 owners voting to approve the special assessment.  You should have received an invoice via email for $750 for the special assessment.  This was due May 12, 2024 please remit promptly if you have not done so.  You have the option to pay online or to mail in a check (SBOA, 1615 Village Square Blvd. Suite 3, Tallahassee, FL  32309).

If you haven't done so already, it  is time to have your palms scheduled to be pruned, weeds removed and new pine straw put down.  The HOA arranged for Sunset Beach common areas to have palms pruned the last week in February.  Weeds were removed and new pinestraw placed in the weeks that followed.

Palm Pruning:  M & M Services to prune the palms in Sunset Beach. The owner's name is Gary Martina and you can reach him at 850-653-5970 or 850-370-6169.

He is also a Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy. He will trim the palms and haul off the debris. 

C&C Landscape (Chris and Sonia Choquette):  850-519-3660
Gary Martina 850-653-5970 or 850-370-6169.

C & C Landscape (Chris and Sonia Choquette):  850-519-3660 
M&M Services (Gary Martina):  850.653-5970 or 850-370-6169

Please note, that no one can leave debris on the side of the road. When you have work done, please let them know they will have to remove everything and take it to the landfill.

GREASE BAGS:  If your home needs some grease bags please let me know and I will have Robin drop them off.  She has coordinated with the management companies in the community to have some delivered to those homes.  If you don't use a management company on the island, please let me know and she will arrange to have some dropped off.  


Does your home have an elevator?  When was the last time your elevator was inspected?  Reach out to Chris Harris of Gulf Coast Elevators to get your inspection scheduled.  He is doing the work for the clubhouse elevator and has done work for owners in Sunset Beach.  850.508.5843.  Also: you must have a functioning phone in your elevator!!  The Sunset Beach clubhouse elevator no longer pays for a landline connection for its elevator but uses a technology called cellular LTE.  Ask your elevator service provider about this option and remember to regularly check and test your phone line.

Trash and Bulk Trash:

Peak season is here!!!  Please note a few very important things regarding trash and bulk trash.

Waste One:  Sunset Beach has VALET service with Waste One, which means they come and pull the cans from under the homes and put them back.   The renters/guests should NOT pull the cans to the end of the driveway on garbage pick-up day.  Please make sure this is in the information you provide to your guests.  

Also, please make sure your guests do not leave bulky/trash on the side of the road.  Waste One WILL NOT PICK IT UP.  If Sunset Beach management has  to remove bulk items from a home, a fee of at least $100 will be charged.  We will provide a picture.  Ask your guests to leave broken tents, bulky items, etc. under the house for your management company (or whoever takes care of your home) to haul off.  
Our goal is to keep Sunset Beach looking its best and with bulk trash beside the road that doesn't work.  Thank you all for spreading the word and helping us keep Sunset Beach beautiful.



Sunset Beach Yard Maintenance

Let's keep the homes and yards looking great.  Details are above if you missed them! 

The HOA recently contracted with M & M Services to prune the pines in Sunset Beach. The owner's name is Gary Martina and you can reach him at 850.370.5970. He is also a Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy. He will trim the palms and haul off the debris.  Gary also lays pine straw.  

The HOA recently contracted with TruGreen for weed treatments.

The HOA recently contracted with C & C Landscape for laying pine straw in the common areas.

HOA Dues
Sunset Beach Owners' Association dues are $783.50 per quarter for all home and lot owners. The invoices are usually sent out the 15th of the month before the 1st day of the quarter. Dues are payable the first of the January, April, July and October and delinquent on the 31st. Late fees will be assessed according to our bylaws.  

Gate Keypad Update:  Effective April 22, 2021
After you put in the gate code you have to enter #

Clubhouse wifi information:
User ID:  SunsetBeach
Password: SunsetBeachSGI

The management company for Sunset Beach is My HOA Services, LLC out of Tallahassee, Florida.  Kathy Carlson is our community association manager. 

Contact information:
My HOA Services, LLC
Kathy Carlson
1615 Village Square Blvd., Suite 3
Tallahassee, FL  32309
850.222.9730 (o)
850.510.3452 (c)
email:  [email protected]
email:  [email protected]