Pictures taken after Idalia on 8/30/2023


Update:  Evacuation order rescinded.  10:45 a.m. 8/30/2023

Update:  10:30 a.m. 8/29/2023

Due to the Shifting of the track, Effective 10:30AM, Tuesday, August 29, 2023, a Voluntary Evacuation of Franklin County has been issued. Additional evacuations may be issued after the 3:00PM update.
The Mandatory Evacuation of all Barrier Islands, Low Lying Areas, Mobile Homes, and RV Parks is still in effect. All evacuations apply to residents and non-residents alike.
If you are electricity dependent for your medical equipment or if you feel unsafe then do not shelter at home, leave until the storm has passed and then return. The current track suggests that this storm will be out of our county by tomorrow afternoon.
Please keep in mind when making plans to evacuate or to shelter in place, when the winds hit a sustained 45 mph bridges will close until it is deemed safe to travel. St. George Island and Alligator Point, you have only one access route in and out. If this route is compromised or closed, EMS or Responders will not be able to assist you. If you have life threatening medical conditions, please make arrangements now. Don’t Wait. Evacuate.
We are providing transportation via bus to the Leon County Shelter today only. Pickup locations and times are as follows:
Apalachicola ABC School 12:00 Noon
Eastpoint Emerald Coast Bank (Next to Taylors) 12:30 PM
Carrabelle Carrabelle Library 1:00 PM
Lanark Village Chillas Hall 1:15 PM
The bus may run a few mins behind due to amounts of passengers loading at each location. Please wait. You will be transported to a LEON COUNTY SHELTER. Due to the speed of this Storm we will only have time to run this bus once. Please do not miss the scheduled pickup time. Bring everything you need with you to the shelter. Meds, Food, Clothing, etc.
Franklin County Schools will be closed on Tuesday 08/29/23 and Wednesday 08/30/23.
County Government offices will be closed on Tuesday 08/29/23 at Noon and all day Wednesday 08/30/23.
Sandbag locations are now closed.
Please continue to monitor the local news, WOYS, and Franklin County Emergency Management Facebook page for updates.

MANDATORY EVACUATION  8/29/2023 6:00 a.m.

Franklin County Emergency Management is still monitoring Hurricane Idalia. Franklin County issued a Mandatory Evacuation of all Barrier Islands, Lying Areas, Mobile Homes, and RV Parks. Additional evacuations may be issued if there are changes in storm track or intensity.

6:20 p.m.
Sunset Beach Owners,

Check the Sunset Beach website for updates from the HOA.

Wanted to update you all on Hurricane Idalia and the efforts Sunset Beach has taken to date.  The HPC (Hurricane Preparedness Committee) met this afternoon and reviewed the actions taken.

Following the HPC Plan, Kathy and Robin have secured the pool furniture, and staked the utilities (please do not remove the stakes, we will get them after the storm).  The gates are open and will remain open until after the storm and the power has been returned.  The irrigation breaker has been turned off.  The elevator is on the second floor. and power off to it as well.  The updated HPC manual is in the office.    Rob with Superior Coast Pools will make a determination tomorrow if he needs to turn the pool and equipment off.  The HPC will be meeting again tomorrow to determine the next steps to be taken. 

You may be interested in downloading the apps below to stay on top of the storm.  

  • for power outages and alerts download the Duke Energy app
  • to stay on top of possible internet interruptions download the Mediacom Connect Mobile Care app
  • Franklin County sheriff has their own app for local alerts
  • for local storm alerts and safety information download the Everbridge app
  • NOAA/ National Hurricane Center has a great app for thorough meteorological information 

Remember to keep all your account numbers, login information, insurance policy numbers, and phone numbers somewhere easily accessible. 

Stay tuned to our SBOA website for all pertinent homeowner updates